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What happens when you book your PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone in for repair at Zen Computer Shop

What happens to your PC, Mac, Tablet or Mobile Phone when you book it in to Zen Computer Shop for repair?
So your Pc, Mac, Mobile Phone or Tablet is on the blink. Perhaps you’ve inadvertently contracted a worrisome computer virus or your device is on a good old fashioned ‘go-slow’. Your concern is data loss, cost, hassle and so it goes on. Well, after a lot of experience and thwacking great lump of know how, we at Zen really believe we can help make the whole experience a little less of a trauma than you may think…

First off, we encourage calling the shop. Speak to us about your problem and benefit from advice over the phone. It’s not uncommon for our customers to get just the right advice over the phone with us to make the leap from problem to solution. We’re very happy to help.

If the system is a bit more poorly than can be remedied with a quick fix over the phone, it may be time to pop along to Zen Computer Shop with your device in tow.

What happens when you book your computer or other device in with Zen???

First of all, we’ll take some details to enable us to contact you. It’s routine for us to call any particular customer once or twice just to keep them updated on the repair status. Next we’ll record the details of the fault and any relevant history that may help us diagnose the root cause of the problem.

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Zen Booking in Slip

Finally, we’ll give you a ‘Check In’ slip. This slip is the paperwork you’ll need to collect the device once we’ve repaired it. It contains a QR Code; a code that you can use in conjunction with pretty much any smart phone to check on the status of your repair. The engineer(s) who work on your repair job keep notes; when any particular test is completed or part fitted, we’ll record this on your account. You can view this account online using the QR Code and a special password we will give to you when you book in.

Our standard charge is £48 (Inc VAT) for Windows machines and £66 (Inc VAT) for Macs. This is for up to an hour of our time to complete the repair. Sounds severe? It’s not. Lets walk though what happens when your laptop hits our (fully statically protected) work bench. An engineer may strip the laptop [5 minutes] then set a diagnostic software tool running on the motherboard [1 minute]. The diagnostic test takes perhaps 90 minutes. So far we’ve clocked up 6 minutes of time – we do not charge you for the time the laptop or any other device is updating / diagnosing / installing / nipping to Lidl to check if the jacuzzi’s are back in stock. Only the time an engineer is actually working on your laptop is clocking up minutes. Our stats suggest that 91% of the repairs never take more than an hour in total – and we have never gone over the hour without our customers prior approval. Once the repair is completed, an operating system is installed on your machine and this is perhaps 5 – 10 minutes of actually ‘doing something’ in a process that may take 4 hours including all the updates that we will install. In total, the engineer have spent 45 – 60 minutes working on the machine with software diagnostics and other clever wizardry doing much of the heavy lifting.

When would it be likely that a repair takes over an hour (total engineers time)?

A good question. We’ll happily backup your data from the usual places on your hard drive should the disk require reloading with an operating system, then copy it back on the new system once its reloaded (reinstalled). If however you have a local email system such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple(®) Mail then it may be a bit time consuming to get the recovery of your mail back the way it was once we’ve backed up and reinstalled your system. It’s just a time consuming affair no matter how fast we work. We generally round off jobs with tricky and / or complex local email setups to an extra 30 minutes time. Almost invariably they take us a bit longer than this but we’re kinda good like that and don’t charge you the full extra hour. Another example would be a small business with Sage or other proprietary software with intricate and particular recovery methods that again take us longer than the default hour to complete. In all fairness, we often spot the occasional job that will take longer than our default repair charge so the customer is aware from the off that its on the cards to take longer.

We’re asked often (daily!) “Can you get this back to me by tomorrow, I have a scheduled Skype call with Mahatma Gandhi and it’s entirely possible, no extremely likely, that both my legs will detach and shrivel up if I’m not playing Fortnite again by then as well”. OK, perhaps not this exact statement, but I have no doubt you catch my drift. Zen Computer Shop will not give you a definitive time / date when the PC / Laptop / Mac / Phone / Tablet will be ready. It’s a policy that has emerged as the most sensible both for us and for our customers over the time we’ve been in business. Occasionally, a fault will be very different from the perceived issues around the problem it’s brought in to us for, for example. That said, it is simply a fact that the vast majority of our repairs are completed within 48 hours from booking in. I don’t have stats on other repair centres, but I am pretty sure this is a very good record and one we are proud of. Sure there are times when a part is required that cannot be delivered on the usual next day delivery, or a part is unavailable for a few days due to circumstances beyond our control; rest assured we’ll keep you in the loop the whole way through the process and get your device back to you as soon as is humanly possible.

So what sort of machines do you repair?

All of them. We’ll quote on any PC or Mac, Phone or Tablet provided we feel that parts are available and the repair is economically sensible. We have a real passion for getting the best deal for you – we give impartial advice and will decline repairs if the machine is just too long in the tooth to make it worth while or perhaps too severely damaged to do the repair.

I hope this post goes someway to demystifying how it all works. I’ll sign off with a quote from one of our many positive reviews:

★★★★★ Brilliant service. From initial phone call to picking up repaired iMac I knew it was in good hands. Everything explained so I could understand, staff so friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend.


RR 🙂

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