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Refurbished Computers

Here at Zen we specialise in refurbishing and selling on laptops that have many useful years of lifetime left. Many of the laptop and desktop computers we sell are sourced from the corporate sector. Corporate computers generally come with the option of up to a five year warranty. This longer warranty option from the manufacturer indicates that the corporate computers they manufacture are designed and built to a really high standard (they wouldn’t offer a long warranty if they thought a significant number of their products would fail during the warranty). This is why we spend a lot of time sourcing these types of machines. They’re simply better than the off the shelf high street laptops.

Our refurbishing policy is ever evolving to meet the demands of today’s computer users. We test every component and replace parts where we free there is a possibility that the component is worn. Very often we will install a brand new SSD (Solid State Drive) and a fresh installation of the operating system, be that Windows 10, Windows 11 or the latest macOS.

Being fiercely independent, we can tailor an operating system to your needs. For example, some of our customers, particularly in the Glastonbury area require a older macOS installing on their refurbished Apple Mac so they can run the exact macOS required for optimum performance of their go-to audio or video editing application. 


With refurbished computers there is not only a cost saving and options around what software we install for you. There is also a fair degree of flexibility in terms of the hardware in your chosen computer too. If you find a superb computer with the processor you would like, say a powerful i7 Dell Laptop but the storage is 256 Gigabytes and you require 1 Terabyte – no problem! With most computers we can upgrade storage and other components. Whats more, we’ll only charge for the increased cost of the component we use to upgrade the computer. Data transfer is also free of charge so bring your old computer along so we can move your data to the new one. 

We’ll always go the extra mile to help you find the best computer for your needs: tailor the computer to be the best possible, free data transfer, open communication all the way through the purchase, home delivery and set up option and superb warranty. These are the reasons to make your next mac or PC purchase from your local computer shop.