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12 Point Check Up –


We are pleased to offer all our customers a 12 point service / check up for the 50% reduced price or £24 for Windows laptops/desktops and £33 for Macs*

The 12 point check up does not require an advance booking, simply rock up to Wells or Glastonbury Zen Computer Shop and we will take care of the rest. Our experience techies will run through the service in 5th gear, most of our jobs are turned around within 3 days – many are completed the same day if booked in early enough.

The 12 point check includes the following:


  • Clean ventilation system
  • Visual inspection of motherboard to check for overheating
  • Check for Malware / Viruses using offline full disk diagnostics
  • Windows registry clean
  • Windows or macOS update health check
  • Check for Ransomware
  • Check Running temperature
  • Test Disk / SSD functionality
  • RAM Test
  • Check physical ports are working
  • Windows Device Driver update / macOS stability check
  • Recommendations report


You’ll receive a full report from the techie who does the work. We will make recommendations if we feel they are appropriate for your machine.


  • Windows reinstallation is not included, although if this is found to be required the service can be purchased for a small additional fee.
  • * iMacs from late 2012 to 2019 will incur an additional £66 (Inc) fee for this service. The iMac screen is glued on and is an extremely labour intensive job to remove and replace.
  • Data is the customers responsibility. We do offer a backup service, although no liability for data loss is accepted.
  • If we find evidence of identity theft on your machine, we will advise you in terms of the correct authorities to inform.
  • No lead time is guaranteed. We do however complete the majority of our service jobs within 72 hours of booking in.

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