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We can refurbish and renew your old Mac computers. Breathe new life into your older Macs and make them sing again!

Do you have older Mac computers knocking around your home or office? Perhaps these computers have digital photos on or other important files. The problem with old macs is that the macOS is very out of date and this makes them difficult to use. We can refurb your old Macs and make them sparkle (*almost!*) like new!

Please feel free o drop your mac in to our Glastonbury Shop so we can check it over and find out if your mac can be upgraded and refreshed. If the mac is super old, we may offer you the option of a Linux OS installation. We’ve been testing Linux ‘Mint’ on some of our more long in the tooth macs and we’re very pleased with the results. A twelve or fifteen year old mac can really be of great use again.

Upgrades start at £99 and this includes a data transfer so you don’t have to say goodbye to old files including digital photos. Definitely cheaper than buying a new replacement!

Call or email us for more info on this green refurbishing initiative, and…


From all of us at Zen.