iMac running slowly…

A customer recently brought her 2015 iMac in for a check-up, the machine was “running really slowly”. These are lovely machines! The screens are crystal clear; keyboard and mouse are usually wireless, and they’re generally very reliable in our experience. 

The problem reported to us on this occasion was slowness. The ol’ Spinning Beach Ball was almost ever present, even when performing the most basic of tasks like opening the mail app or browsing the web.

We booked the iMac in to our workshop in Glastonbury for an assessment and quickly diagnosed a poorly performing Hard Drive. No other faults were detected. This model of Mac, the A1418, shipped with a mechanical hard drive. These can feel slow by today’s standards even when working at tip top performance.

The solution, an SSD upgrade.

We offered to swap the mechanical hard drive with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) and the customer agreed to the work. These look the same as the old mechanical disks, but they run like they’re fuelled by nitrous oxide! We had the Solid-State storage drive in stock and got to work removing the screen.

Removing an iMac screen.

Removing the screen on an iMac is a delicate job. We cut the screen off the frame of the computer and replace the disk. A clone of the old disk is also done keeping all present data and installed software intact. We then glue the screen back on and run through our comprehensive checklist, testing all functionality of the machine.

Better than new.

The customer was delighted with our service and the 2015 iMac is now “better than new”!  

Far cheaper than a new iMac, this repair is both environmentally sound and a massive speed boost for any computer, even Windows machines. 

If you have an aging slow computer and you are interested in taking advantage of an SSD upgrade, feel free to contact us or pop into one of our stores today.