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New! 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty with all our Refurbished Computers!

Up until now, Zen have offered a two tier warranty with our refurbished computers. First there was the 90 day warranty. This covered parts and labour. We then covered labour only from day 91 to day 365 from the time of sale.

As of 1st January 2019, we now offer a full 12 month parts and labour warranty with all our Macs, PCs and Laptops. 

All our reconditioned machines have to pass rigorous multi point checks, bench tests and go through a comprehensive refurbishing process that make them almost like new. All the fans, ventilation systems and PCB areas are cleaned. We remove the hard drive and replace with a brand new SSD on all our refurbished machines. 

We feel our reconditioned machines come with a flipping great wallop of value. Take a new Dell Latitude with 8GB Ram and a 250 GB SSD, i5 6th Gen and Touch screen. You’d be looking at a hefty price tag of around £750 for such a laptop. We stock lots of reconditioned machines, perhaps a year old, with the original price tag cut by a third (at least), and now a full 12 month warranty too. You also get the help and support of a truly independent IT support and repair company, on the High Street and ready to help.

Bear in mind, many larger vendors of new laptops offer only a manufacturers warranty with their machines. Expect a 28 day turn around and machine posted back with all of your data removed in this scenario. Not so with Zen. The majority of our repairs are turned around inside of 48 hours, many even on the same day. We take careful note of each customers’ requirements and tailor our service to you.

There is also the bathtub effect with any new electrical product. Quite simply, its far more likely to fail during the ‘burn in’ period, so the first few weeks of use. Reconditioned machines not only offer far better value for money and if bought from us a great deal of high level customer service, statistically they also offer more reliability than new machines too.

Pop into the shop for a coffee and a chat to discuss your requirements soon. We will be happy to help.

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