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Windows has a long history running on computers with the first edition (Version 1.0) released in the late 1980s. 

This now distant relative to the current Windows 10, we’ve seen some good and some not so good releases in our opinion. Notably Windows XP was a real success story with a huge market share at its peak.

After XP, Windows Vista arrived to less than complimentary reviews from some quarters. Soon after Vista, Windows 7 burst out and quickly became the Operating System of choise for Microsoft Windows users. 

Every operating system has a lifespan, superseeded by a new offering with better compatibility for newer hardware; more features than the last. Now, Windows 10 is firmly established. Having overcome some widely publicised software bugs that emerged during large upgrads, Windows 10 is, we would venture to say, a pretty stable and secure environment to do your everyday computing. This is handy, as its predecessor, Windows 8 is viewed by many to be a much lesser operating System than Windows 7, which is, as all systems must do, coming to the end of its release cycle in January 2020. 


Anyone using Windows 7 will not see their computer swallowed by a singularity quickly to leave a dust lined laptop shaped void on their computer desk come January. Simply put, Microsoft will stop sending software updates to your laptop that runs Windows 7. Further, third party software will slowly stop being supported on this now end of line Windows 7 system. This is a serious consideration.


Time to upgrade?


So, what are the options? Well, the obvious one is Windows 10. If your hardware supports it, this could be the simplest option. For hardware that does not support Windows 10, like many laptops and desktops older than Windows 10 itself are, then the road forks into two options: upgrade your PC or laptop, or install Linux. The latter is going ot be tricky if you’re now wondering what on Earth ‘Linux’ is. In a nutshell, Linux is an operating system which if chosen and installed correctly can extend the viable life of older hardware for many more years. 

Ask your local computer experts to help if you are unsure of how to deal with the end of Windows 7 support. 

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