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Why is my computer running so slow?


  1. We’ve written about this before but it’s still top of the list – upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Disk). These little wonders will turn your PC or Mac into a speed machine in one fell swoop!
  2. Too may Apps open at once. The more software apps you have running at any one time will cause stress on your computer. Try closing programs not just minimising them when you’ve finished using them. It’ll free up RAM (Random Access Memory) and allow the RAM to be allocated to other programs in use.
  3. Not enough RAM. Sometimes, it’s just a case of requiring more RAM in your computer to allow head room for all the apps you need. RAM is fairly inexpensive, particularly for older machines and often makes the general day to day use of the computer rather more fluid. 
  4. Disk Fragmentation. Contrary to popular belief, SSDs do fragment, but not a patch on the fragmentation of the older style spinning disks. If you have an older spinning hard drive in your PC you would benefit from ‘defragging’ the hard drive from time to time. Windows 10 users have this taken out of their hands to a great extent, Windows 10 defrags disks automatically. 
  5. Running out of disk space. This is a common problem and one that will need to be resolved before it becomes acute. Windows does ‘bloat’ over time and this means more and more disk space used up on your PC. Apple’s macOS does not suffer this ‘bloat’ in the same way, however many Macs ship with only 120GB of space and this is all to easily filled up. Once the disk is almost full, your computer will slow down greatly. 


RAM, hard drives, SSDs  – these can all be upgraded; often even cleaning out the ventilation system allowing a system to run cooler can make a difference to the performance of your PC or Mac. 

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