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Laptops/Macbooks and desktop PCs running Windows or Mac OS are busy things. I can only hope to hold a semi reasonable conversation whilst searching the TV listings at the same time, its tricky to multi-task; computers however do millions of things per second and never break into a sweat. Some computers rarely get a break. 


Modern computers fit in more technology into a smaller space than ever before. Moore’s law continues to hold true. But given time, and perhaps a little misuse, our trusty technical servants will start to develop problems. One enemy of the personal computer has always been, and possibly always will be, heat. A computer running at a high temperature has its card marked for the big computer lab in the sky. High temperatures cause lots of damage to many of the systems and may make the whole machine noisy and unreliable before the inevitable catastrophic system crash. 


Another problem that gains traction over time is software instability. The software program that is your Operating System (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android etc) is bafflingly complex. We regularly install programs inside our Operating System – Office apps or Video Players, Music Productions apps or Databases – they all have to fit in your Operating System and are expected to cause no issues. Many, perhaps even all of the programs we install are from different vendors than the software company that made your Operating System, so the chance of them all being 100% compatible and bug free are slim to none. I’ve heard it stated by more than one upper echelon software programmer that software without bugs does not exist. 


So your hardy computer with its aversion to heat and uber mediation skills to make all your software play nicely together has its work well and truly cut out. 


A great way to help your computer reach a grand old age is regular servicing. A clean out of the internal vents and fans, software tidy up and checks. Book your computer in to your local IT experts for a regular service to help it work properly for longer and decrease frustrations endured trying to use a PC that is running at less than optimum performance. 

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