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Online Security – Continued.


After our look at the importance of password security, let’s take a brief look at some other ways to help stay safe online, particularly Malware:


First off the bat is updates. Software updates may be considered bothersome by some, however they are an important and necessary part of your computers maintenance cycle and should be kept current wherever possible. Microsoft® have endured a lot of stick in recent months and years with their Window 10 updates, some of which are almost continental in size. So much has been packed into them that they could be considered a veritable Operating System upgrade as opposed to less complex security patches and software fixes that we would usually think of when considering updates. Nonetheless, big or small, updates should be applied on home systems whenever possible. A senior Antivirus engineer told me that system updates (Windows Updates) are as important as Anti Virus definition updates. I agree, even if they do seem to take eons to download on older computers. Updates deliver much needed security patches and fixes that will, not can, but will help protect your system when it is connected to the Internet.


A good antivirus software is essential. Its true that Microsoft® have upped their game and made solid improvements to their free antivirus software known as Windows Defender. There are some really powerful anti virus systems available that cost a very small annual fee and offer a whole lot more in terms of protection.


If you feel your computer may have been infected but your anti virus software isn’t picking up the infection, perhaps it’s time to seek the help of IT professionals… There are anti virus solutions called ‘offline scanners’ that may help in a DIY clean up operation. You’ll need a USB thumb drive, pot of coffee, swear box and some time on your hands: Google for Offline AntiVirus Scanner, download the software and use a tool such as Yumi Linux to make a bootable USB drive; use the thumb drive to load the system and run a full scan on your computer. 

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