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Online Security: passwords are all important.


For such a short piece of writing it’s hard to fit everything in that we feel is important when considering online security. Arguably, the single most important thing that you can do is change your password. Any password you’ve used before should be left to sink in the annals of time, never to be used again. If you use only one password, one or more of the websites you have used your password on will definitely have been hacked, without question, so your top secret password and of course the other half of your log in – your public email address – will have been stolen by someone at some time. Now your email address and password are in the hands of criminals who may use sophisticated computer networks sometimes called ‘Botnets’ to check if your username and password access any other juicy websites such as Paypal.com or your bank. These ‘Botnets’ use stolen email addresses and passwords to check lots of potentially important websites; if you’ve used the same compromised password anywhere else, its only a matter of time before they access these sites in your name.


This goes to show that using a different password for each and every registration is a very bright idea. Kevin Mitnick the famous American hacker has said that in order to use banking apps safely, users should not use the device they use to bank for anything else. Just the banking app and no other apps, then have a second device for web browsing and emailing etc. This will help keep your banking app and device clear of snooping malware looking for passwords.


The sad reality is that fraud is a huge industry and lots of unscrupulous folk are hard at work try to deprive you of your hard earned cash.  


Change your password regularly. Please don’t use the same password twice. No passwords that anyone could reasonably guess –  no old phone numbers or post codes!

Use a different email address to your regular one for any of your website registrations and most of all – stay safe online. 


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