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Keep all your old apps

Our advanced data migration process can make it possible to move all your old Windows or Mac apps from your old computer to a new one. We use a dedicated software called Zinstall to migrate applications and all settings from your old Windows computer to the new one. Even if your old Windows 7 laptop or desktop computer is not booting or otherwise failing, there is a strong possibility we can move your old apps to a new computer with minimum fuss. If the hard drive (the storage component in your computer) is failing we can still mak the attempt at a migration of apps using Zinstall before we move on to a dedicated data recovery from the disk should it be too damaged to run a Zinstall migration.  

If your old computer is an Apple machine we use a selection of apps and techniques migrate your old data and / or apps to your new Mac. For simpler migrations where the Macs are not too far apart in terms of macOS, Firmware and hardware age and specification, Apple’s TimeMachine is a great way to copy everything to the new computer form the old. We do take each case on its merits. What can appear like a simple process can be complicated by Firmware problems or corrupted apps. We have a number of options and tools to use to help get these more complex migrations done to your satisfaction and in record breaking time. 

If you’re in the market for a newer Mac and would like all the pain taken out of the process  – let us do the hard work for you and call today.