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iMac upgrades and repairs at Zen

We are seeing more and more iMacs in for repairs at Zen, both in Shepton and Glastonbury. Where these repairs were once a twice weekly occurrence we now see several per day. iMacs are well built, reliable and long lasting computers. The design is quite frankly amazing so this is a computer well worth maintaining. However, many of the slightly older iMacs shipped with mechanical hard drives. This is the main cause of slowness in our experience working with these models.

A hard drive is the unit inside the iMac that stores not only the macOS itself, but also all of your data. When the older mechanical hard drives begin to slow down or build up ‘bad sectors’ (in simple terms, start to become faulty) it is arguably time to consider replacing the hard drive. At Zen, we have a wealth of knowledge on the detailed repair required to perform this type of repair. Our technicians will carefully remove the screen (the screen is glued on) and clean the fans and airways around the iMac. We’ll then removed the old hard drive and replace it, usually with a high performance Solid State Drive, or ‘SSD’. SSDs are fast. Your mac will feel ‘better than new’ after this repair.

In terms of the system and data these repairs are often a good opportunity to upgrade the macOS to the latest version possible. Using older versions of the macOS can lead to compatibility problems. Has your btinternet or other provider’s email stopped sending lately? Do websites regularly not load properly? This could be a sign you are running an out of date version of the mac’s operating system, the macOS. Our technicians can safely update the macOS to the latest version possible for your iMac.

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