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How to change Mac folder icon images

So, your lovely Mac is purring softly as you email, browse the net and watch a youtube video. In a compulsive click you minimise your open windows and see a rather drab desktop. What to do? Well, you could change the desktop image. But all those folders just look boring… Well, try this!

First, find an image you like on images.google.com. Let say we have a folder on the desktop called ‘Work’. I’ve just searched for an image using the search term ‘work’ and found this picture for demonstration purposes:

So I’ve downloaded the above image to my desktop ready to exchange for drab mac folder icon:

Now, find the downloaded image ‘Work’ and right click or press CTRL and click if using an Apple mouse.

As in the above screenshot, please select ‘Open With’ then ‘Preview’.

Now our image will open in Apple’s Preview application. Go to the menu bar and find EDIT. Now click on ‘Select All’:-

Ok, now go back to the EDIT menu and click on COPY

Great – we have our image in memory ready to apply to our currently uniformly drab ‘Work’ folder!

Now right click on the ‘Work’ folder and select ‘Get Info’

Now in the ‘Info’ window that opens up, please click on the folder icon at the top left next to the folder name (in this case ‘Work’). A little blue Ready Brek glow will surround your folder icon once you’ve clicked on it.

Now the final bit –  hold down the CMD key on your keyboard and press the V key to paste in your photo!

Viola! We have a far more interesting folder icon that could actually help with quick visual location of your various folders. I’ve done this to several of my desktop folders and now they simply jump out at me when I’m looking for them!

Have fun! 





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