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Green Recycling Scheme

As a company we’ve always encouraged repair and recycle as opposed to throw away and buy more. Some older Windows laptops can be easily revived with a faster storage solution or more memory for example. We love Apple hardware too and this does tend to last significantly longer than a typical laptop running Windows even if the latest macOS is impossible to install (my 2008 Mac Pro at home is very happily running Mojave after a bit of hacking and a video card upgrade – it still runs as good as the day it was new). So there is a lot to be said for repairs and upgrades.

There does come a point however, particularly with electronic goods, when we have to consider replacement. Your old Windows laptop or Macbook just ain’t playing any more and deserves to shutdown gracefully one last time venture on to the computer graveyard in the cloudy sky.

If your computer is ready for retirement, please don’t put it in the bin. We now offer a FREE recycling service. Simply drop your old computer in and leave us to take care of it. A engineer in our workshop will securely wipe and destroy any data on your old computer. We use Masters Recycling in Yeovil who recycle the vast majority of the components in your old computer or monitor and now have collection points at both Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet Zen Computer Shops.

We also offer specialised data retrieval if your older computer won’t turn on. Drop into one of our shops or call to discuss.

So, pop down to recycle and leave the rest to us!

Ray o/