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FREE home delivery and setup with Data Transfer!

FREE DELIVERY, home set up and data transfer on all Mac and Windows computers purchased from us in July! We’ll be covering up to a 7 mile radius from Glastonbury for delivery / home setup. Lots of great deals now available on our website shop too:
Customer PCs built to spec
Macbook Pro, Air and iMacs


Zen Computers Ltd offer a free delivery to your home of any computers purchased from us during the month of July 2018. This is a trail promotion to gauge if a longer term similar offer is useful new customers.


We will agree a time slot either AM or PM as soon as possible after purchase. Delivery is available to customers within a 7 mile radius to the Zen Shop.

The engineer will call before leaving the shop on the day of the appointment. Customers who miss their appointment by being out at the agreed time agree to pay a £48 charge for any follow up appointment.

Old Computers could be taken away and recycled for a small charge (£18) if the customer wishes.

Home Set Up:

The Zen Computers Ltd Engineer will ‘set up’ the PC or Mac. ‘Set up’ is defined as connecting all cables, power the machine up and create a user account so that the computer can be used.

It is important that the customer makes space for the computer the Engineer arrives so that the work can be done in a timely fashion.

Data Transfer:

Data transfer is defined as files and folders only that are held in the user’s home area ie: C:\users\account in Windows and /Users/account on the Mac platform. Email migration is not undertaken as part of a Data transfer; mail migration is considered is a separate chargeable order. Files and folders will be copied using a number of media including but not exclusive to: network transfer, USB backup, peer to peer crossover cable or via a secure server on the web. The method used depends on circumstances at each customer’s residence.

Data of over 10GB in size may be left to transfer after the engineer sets this transfer off to run and leaves the premises.

Any visit must not exceed 45 minutes unless through agreement with the Engineer and customer as this will become a chargeable service at our standard rates.


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