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Fix MP3 Files on your MAC!

So if you’re a proud collector of music and a mac user, you may well have a bunch of directories with MP3 files on your computer. This could be managed via iTunes, or some other software like VLC using playlists. There are other music file formats also, my favourite being FLAC, however for the purposes of this tutorial, lets focus on Mp3s and how to repair them when they become corrupted.

{Disclaimer: this is intended for advanced users and for information purposes only. Use third party applications at your own risk and always perform a full backup of your systems before working on destructible files. You have been warned.. }

Download MP3 Repair here:

Download the file and open the zip file, pop the application into your Applications folder

Now double click on the Application to launch it:

If at this stage you see this..

… then open your System Preferences and Go to Security to allow the app to open:

You’ll now see the Application Graphical User Interface [GUI] on screen. It’s simple and to the point. And in my experience, very effective.

Drag your chosen music folder containing your MP3 files into the GUI and watch the program analyse your files and detect problems…

Now select the broken files view: 

To see only the broken files in the GUI

Highlight the files you wish to repair and click the hammer to get things rolling!

I repaired 150 plus files from one folder during testing and the whole process took less than 90 seconds…




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