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Data Recovery

Data is possibly the most important part of your computer setup. Whether you’re a home user building a family photo album or a business with mission critical data concerns, Zen Computer Shop can help in the event the worst happens. 

These days, it’s relatively easy to keep your files backed up in real time using a plethora of ‘sync’ tools such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, OneDrive Dropbox and many others. We think these apps are great, but like any software problems can occur. If you’re saving file directly to your computer with no sync program taking care of the backup, or perhaps you’re backing up ‘locally’ to an external hard drive, things can still go wrong and you may not be aware of the problem until its too late and data loss occurs. 

Zen Computer Shops are equipped with state of the art software and hardware to help recover data from a failing storage device, be that hard dive, SSD, m.2, Flash Drive, SD card and others.We’ve even successfully repaired several USB Flash Drives that were clean snapped into pieces!