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Zen Computer Shop Shepton Mallet – update

We’re on track to complete the building renovations by January and looking forward to having the extra workspace and capacity. The new roof had a good ol’ downpour today so we know it is waterproof! Our builders, Andy Keetch and his assistant Ronnie, have done a cracking job on both the roof and the internal … Read more

Plans For Shepton

I’m really excited to be in Shepton Mallet. I’ve been impressed with the friendliness of the locals; we’ve had lots of people popping in to our new shop to say hi and wish us well. This really is appreciated by myself and all the staff involved with Zen Shepton Mallet. The shop used to be … Read more

Technical Support for the Home

We had a lot of requests during the lockdowns in 2020 to provide a formal technical support package for home users. So, being Zen, we made three… It’s a real inconvenience when the Internet connection goes down, a printer stops printing, email gets hacked; the list of technical problem is almost endless…  Most would agree … Read more

Special Winter Offer for all Zen Customers

Our Winter Special Offer is here! A lot of our customers are using the Windows 7 end of life event as a reason to upgrade or renew their Windows laptop or desktop PC. We thought we’d make this offer to our customers in conjunction with the Local Reach Publication next month, however the the offer … Read more

Job Vacancy

Job opportunity at Zen Computers: Technical Support Assistant  – applications welcome. Zen is a small but fast growing business, and we are now looking to add to our team. Below is a list of the main duties our team members carry out. Experience in any of these areas is preferred, although not required. What we … Read more

Local Reach Article 8

Windows has a long history running on computers with the first edition (Version 1.0) released in the late 1980s.  This now distant relative to the current Windows 10, we’ve seen some good and some not so good releases in our opinion. Notably Windows XP was a real success story with a huge market share at … Read more

Local Reach Article 7

Why is my computer running so slow?   We’ve written about this before but it’s still top of the list – upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Disk). These little wonders will turn your PC or Mac into a speed machine in one fell swoop! Too may Apps open at once. The more software apps … Read more

Local Reach Article 6

Home and Office Networks can make using the Internet and other computer services a lot easier and quicker, not to mention safer, if configured with the right equipment and know-how. Home routers (Internet boxes!) from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are usually pretty low standard and lacking in features that come as standard with the … Read more

Local Reach Article 5

Laptops/Macbooks and desktop PCs running Windows or Mac OS are busy things. I can only hope to hold a semi reasonable conversation whilst searching the TV listings at the same time, its tricky to multi-task; computers however do millions of things per second and never break into a sweat. Some computers rarely get a break.  … Read more