Business and Education Support Q&A

Business and Schools Support Q and A:

Q: I’m a one man band – I have two laptops and work from home, can you help?

A: Yes. We have lots of small businesses as clients and we value them every bit as much as our larger clients. 

Q: We have lots of staff spread across the county and many work from home, how would you help us with IT problems?

A: This really depends on the types of IT systems you employ; we use Teamviewer and other software to ‘dial in’ to customer’s computers and this works well for staff who are spread out. It also means we can access PCs, servers or Macs in an office without driving out to your location to do the  system administration work required. 

Q: Do you offer service contracts?

A: No, our system is simplified and efficient – you only pay for the time we spend actually working for you. From September 1st 2019, our minimum purchase for time is 5 hours. Support hours are charged at £45 per hour plus VAT. Time is used per minute with a 15 minute minimum for each new IT support ticket worked on until the time is used up when we will invoice for more hours if required. We document every request so our business clients can see  – minute for minute – how long we took to complete the various support requests they raised; importantly you can check how long problems take to resolve from when they were reported to when they are completed.

Q: Do you have a Helpdesk to keep track of the support tickets?

A: Yes. We use a nifty ticket tracking system and customers are kept informed all the way through to a satisfactory solution to all requests made in the Helpdesk. Tickets can be raised via email or phone. Email alerts are sent to the service requestor every time the engineer makes changes and to notify the job is completed. 

Q: We use a mixture of Mac, Windows and Linux – can you help?

A: Yes. We’re well versed in all Operating Systems including Windows and Apple Server OS, and Linux server configurations.

Q: I have a Windows 2008 server that needs upgrading to 2016 – how long will that take?

A: We work on a best effort basis and do not provide upfront quotes on projects without first having performed a full audit.  Networks and systems used in networks vary hugely; just the state of Operating System updates can have a significant bearing on the time it takes to complete a project. We can of course work to deadlines, but we’ll make sure that an open discussion has taken place before we embark upon any given task so that both the client and our engineers are clear on realistic and achievable goals considering the budget and resources available. 

Q: Do you cover education establishments?

A: Yes. We’re currently supporting several schools in the Somerset area. We know, in depth, how to get school networks running to the best standards, our break / fix turn around is second to none; we enjoy a helpful and productive relationship with our customers. All of our staff are CRB checked. Our response times to high priority school requests are same day.

Q: We need to upgrade our fleet of laptops and / or office desktops. Do you supply replacement machines?

A: We are happy to supply either new, out of box or reconditioned computers to any specification and budget. Using Windows deployment software to ‘image’ your fleet we can guarantee uniform software and settings. We also offer a selection of warranty and support options on all corporate computer sales.

Q: All our files are currently on an old server in the basement. Backups have not been tested in some time and the server is becoming unreliable. Would you replace the server or recommend we move our infrastructure to the Cloud?

A: The Cloud has many cost effective and mature Software and Infrastructure as a Service solutions available today. Arguably, any set of proposals that did not include at least some off premises systems would be outdated. There are some situations where dedicated servers are simply a must. Some software licenses for example, may require you to use dedicated hardware as opposed to virtual machines that share the underlying hardware in the Cloud. In house dedicated hardware does involve a large up front investment but over time can prove less expensive than hiring dedicated hardware in a Data Center. A Zen engineer can talk you through the options we feel are most appropriate after having performed a full audit of your older systems. Migration to the Cloud can be a straightforward operation given the right planning is in place and usually costs less when total cost of ownership is worked out based on your requirements. 

Q: We recently moved our email and files to the Cloud. It’s become apparent our staff are struggling with the new systems. Can you help?

A: We recommend that we set up a training partnership with your company. Zen can trading in house at our Glastonbury HQ in groups of up to five trainees. We can deliver tailored training for many of the commonly used Cloud based systems. 

Q: Do you train your engineers on new technologies?

A: Yes. Zen engineers are given a twenty minute ‘training time out’ nearly every working day. We use Computer Based Training videos; all our engineers have completed or are working towards certification in many areas of IT.

Q: There are a lot of IT professional service companies out there, why use Zen?

A: Zen Computer Shop is a relatively young business, we’re constantly learning and looking to improve. First and foremost we always strive to be reliable and efficient. We’re authentic folk here at Zen; we put you, our clients’ requirements at the fore; we work on a case by case basis to create the best quality, cost effective solution for you. Our staff have many years experience working in various IT environments, from multi VLAN mixed server OS corporate networks, tight deadline Web Design or mobile phone maintenance, our staff have experience across many fields and we work as a team to quickly bring your IT headache to an end with as little disruption to help sustain you business continuity.


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