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Local Reach Article 8

Windows has a long history running on computers with the first edition (Version 1.0) released in the late 1980s.  This...

Local Reach Article 7

Why is my computer running so slow?   We’ve written about this before but it’s still top of the list...

Local Reach Article 6

Home and Office Networks can make using the Internet and other computer services a lot easier and quicker, not to...

Local Reach Article 5

Laptops/Macbooks and desktop PCs running Windows or Mac OS are busy things. I can only hope to hold a semi...

Local Reach Article 4

Online Security – Continued.   After our look at the importance of password security, let’s take a brief look at...

Local Reach Article 3

Online Security: passwords are all important.   For such a short piece of writing it’s hard to fit everything in...

Local Reach Article 2

Cloud and ‘Cloud Services’ are almost household terms these days. Cloud computing is a giant leap for IT and home...

Local Reach Article 1

An old saying regarding IT provision went something like this, “Reliable, Fast, Cheap – choose two”. The point of course...

Business and Education Support Q&A

Business and Schools Support Q and A: Q: I’m a one man band – I have two laptops and work...

Mac and PC Repair Service – Q and A

Zen Computer Shop Repairs Q&A… Q: Do I need to make an appointment to get my laptop / mac /...

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