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Mojave USB installer – easy as pie

If you’re in need of a USB installer for Mojave and you’re comfortable with command line on your Mac, here is a quick how to to get your Mojave USB created in minutes.

  1. Download Mojave in the App Store. The installer will download to the /Applications directory on your Mac.
  2. Find a USB stick with at least 16GB of space and nothing important (everything will be wiped from the USB stick)
  3. Now plug your USB stick into a free USB port and open the terminal
  4. Type ls /Volumes to find out the name of the USB stick
  5. Type

    sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/16 –nointeraction && say Mojave Drive Created

  6. When you press enter and type your password, your new Mojave USB installer will take shape. It can take up to 10 minutes…

You’ll see something like this: 


and you’re done!

Note that the USB drive in this example was /Volumes/16  – yours will be /Volumes/YourUSBName whatever that is. Make sure to edit the above command to reflect the name of your USB stick. I’ve made /Volume/16 bold in the above code which is the bit you need to change.

Good luck!


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