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Zen Computer Shop Repairs Q&A…

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to get my laptop / mac / PC repaired?

A: No, just pop into either the Glastonbury or Wells shop during opening hours; Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm. Closed Bank holidays.

Q: 10am opening? What’s all that about?

A: All the Zen staff have worked in Jobs in the past where a 9am (or earlier)  start is mandatory. It’s tricky when you have kids what with the school run etc, so we decided to break the mold and open at 10am. Also we started our business in Glastonbury where, most would agree, things are a bit ‘different’ (many shops don’t open till lunch time here). We’re often here before 10 though, we use the time to catch up, chase orders, watch cats do funny things on Youtube and make coffee etc, so if you do need to drop your laptop in to use before 10, call or email us to check someone will be here – we always aim to be flexible and put the customer first.

Q: How much do you charge for repairs?

A: From September 1st 2019, our fees are as follows (all prices quoted with both VAT and without):

Q: Hold on a minute there, cowboy – will you be charging me extra time once the repair is quoted for?!

A: No way, Jose. We always discuss any work in advance with our customers. Sometimes extra work is required, but we’ll have likely identified this possibility when the details of the machine are taken during the booking in process so  – no surprises! Nine times out of ten any extra time required is related to complicated email setups.

Q: How long does booking in take, what information will you require?

A: Good question! Booking in usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the complexity of the repair. We will need to know as much info about the background to the fault as possible. We’ll also need your phone number and / or email address so we can contact you about the job or to let you know it’s ready for pick up.

Q: I have work up to my eyeballs and an absence of my laptop will mean a perpetual state of anxiety and floods of tears followed by long unblinking stares into the distance, time is of the essence – how long do you need to do the job???

A: We pride ourselves on just how efficient and downright speedy we are. The large majority of our jobs are completed within 72 hours of booking in and a large number of these same day turn around. However, obscure machines with difficult to get hold of parts may well need more time. We’ll try to give you an idea when its booked in and keep you informed all the way. It’s in our interests just as much as yours to keep our work benches flowing – we really are very good at what we do. To demonstrate, here is our actual back office graph made up from repair turn around times. This was screenshot on 7th September 2019. Our quickest turn around was from 12 weeks ago up to 8 weeks ago when our average turnaround (from booking in to customer collection) was between 1.4 and 1.8 days! You’ll see a spike up to 5 days turn around through August because of the ‘back to school’ rush. 

Q: So you repair Apple products – why shouldn’t I just take my beloved super expensive computer back to the people who made it?

A: You’re free to use any repair center you like;  of course we’d love you to give us a try. We have a great track record of repairing all Macs, even those now unsupported by the manufacturer themselves (ie over 6 years old). We use a myriad of sources both Apple Autherised suppliers and others to source parts to repair Macs. We’re very familiar with the common (and not so common) faults along the various generations of Macs. We are not an ‘Autherised’ repair center, but for us, that’s a distinct advantage. We’re proudly independent and continue to receive glowing feedback from our Mac using client base.

Q: OK, this all sounds great – I’m in! Problem is this book I’ve been writing for 20 years on my laptop and never once backed up, you’ll not lose the file during the repair, right?!

A: Thanks, and please back it up now! Backups are so very important. We will take every care with your data, but we can’t be held responsible if a file goes missing. We are not liable for any data loss. It’s as rare as rocking horse pooh that we lose data, however storage devices fail and it may be that case that during a stress test your storage device finally gives up the ghost. We would encourage you to backup your machine before you book it in with us for repair. 

Q: I have a bedroom like the starship enterprise, I left my recently dry cleaned Lieutenant Sulu outfit on the core computer air vent and now it is blue screening due to overheating – do I need to bring the entire set up for you to repair just the computer?

A: No. Just the PC or laptop. If a laptop, please bring the power charger with it. For complex home network situations, we would advise a call out from one of our engineers. We will book in laptop cases and bluetooth mice etc but we would discourage you from bringing such superfluous items for repair: just the laptop and charger or desktop PC – no monitor, keyboards, cables or mice required (unless they’re faulty and need looking at too). 

Q: Home Visits, you said HOME VISITS??? 

A: Yes, we can install, troubleshoot or reconfigure home or office networks and advise on many, many aspects of IT. If you’re a business, please see our business and education support page for details of how we can assist you. 

Q: Is it just computers you fix? 

A: No, We’ve been known to resolder car electronics, xBox and a host of other devices. Please call to discuss as it’s a possibility we can help depending on the nature of the problem.

Q: Do you repair mobile phones?

A: We offer a limited number of phone repair services including screen and battery replacement. Please call us for details. Not all phone makes and models are serviced. This is currently under review for a planned expansion of mobile device services. 

Q: Who will repair my Windows laptop or Mac? Do you have specialists?

A: All our team have their strengths and we work together, sharing information on repairs which helps avoid pit falls. Your computer, once booked in, will be allocated to an technician who will be responsible for contacting you, performing the repair, ordering parts (if required) and any other duties related to the repair job. If the engineer has time off work for any reason then all of his or her jobs are handed over to another engineer who takes on the responsibility of completing the work. You can access the ‘real time’ work sheet that we use to document events on your repair job via a secure website. We will explain how to access this live repair website when you book your computer in with us.


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